proudly introduces Bianca, our lead designer muse (Or creative goddess)! Our Bianca stands tall and graceful as she greets shoppers entering the BSEID virtual showroom. Adorned in the finest of couture upholstery fabrics, her sparkling crystal earrings are borrowed from an antique chandelier and she clutches a Pucci inspired bag made from a vintage scarf. Bianca’s “do it yourself� design attitude recognizes that we all need HELP sooo… here she is at your beckon call! Ask her anything with pictures or not, she will gladly respond with thought provoking design ideas and will plant seeds for your DIY projects. There is NO cost involved, it’s totally FREE!

Dear Bianca

PLEASE tell me that you are able to get a chandelier for me like the one in a bathroom on your portfolio category. Reminds me of shells but I don't think it is. So beautiful. I envy the homeowner that has it.

What lovely things you say....and the chandelier in the Master Bath is equally as lovely!
It would be our pleasure to hook you up with this amazing fixture! The understated elegance of its cascading flower detail makes this chandelier a main attraction in any space. You are correct ... the sweet ornaments are not shells! Rather, each is a frosted white composite flower that graduates from large to petite like a fine strand of pearls. The overall size is 30" high by 35" wide and has with three feet of chain (more if needed!). Please email us at with your contact information and we will be in touch with pricing and availability. We cannot wait to hear from you... You can not go wrong with this stunning showstopper!



Dear Bianca,

Help! I am so tired of the colors in my family room! I prefer after all these years more neutral colors. I cannot change my brown sofa and chairs, but was hoping to go over to the warm gray family. But, my biggest two problems are what color for the draperies and what to do for the fireplace wall...different color than the wall color, or should I do a shiplap wall above the fireplace?

Hi "Tired of Color",

Your Mediterranean color palette is just looking a little stale. There are so many beautiful options for paint but I believe we should address the scale of your room first. Perhaps you can send a picture of your windows so I can suggest a treatment that would work with your wall unit. I would probably stay with a natural linen.....texture but no pattern.

With your painted wall units out of wood, I think I would stay away from additional wood product like "Shiplap". What I DO like about the Shiplap is the distressed texture which marries beautifully with a smooth painted unit. Therefore, if budget is not greatly restricted, nature stacked stone in tones of creams, golds and grays would be a dramatic addition on the fireplace stack.

I would add crown and a open display area on top of each unit with a crown. Inside of that display, I would add a large organic looking basket in each unit for additional interest.

It appears as if your units are 8ft. tall with 16 ft ceilings approximately. The additional height added to each unit will keep the fireplace stack feeling in better proportion to the bookcase units.

On the fireplace wall, a series of 3 mirrors line directly on top of each other would show a industrial undertone with its zinc frame and reclaimed molding. This would look very dramatic without it getting too busy.

Last, but certainly NOT least, give all your walls a wonderful chamois tone such as Ben Moore 1068 Squire Hill Buff

with a flat finish and a deeper camel tone Ben Moore 1070 Barley Harvest

in satin finish to the mantel and its surround. Put cream chenille pillows on your brown leather sofa and "voila"... You have a timeless, classic family will never grow tired of no matter how long you have it!

Send pictures when you are finished ...we love seeing your creative juices flowing!

Have a Blue Sky day!



Dear Bianca,

I am decorating my front hallway and I would like to put a picture on the empty wall next to door. The door is leading into downstairs bathroom. I just re-did the floors and the look I am creating in the house is very simple and minimalistic. I appreciate your comments/advise.

Thank you,


Hello Lisa,

I love a minimalism approach but it is important that you do not let your space get "flat" or without interest when you are doing it. I also, love the mix of the french cream walls with the crisp white trim. Fresh beat and clean...but foyer areas can be tough especially when there are multiple doorways and very little wall space to create interest. You might want to consider your interior doors as a place you can spice it up. You can make your doors look richer and more interesting just by adding color but be sure and do this in a satin finish. It will make the doors easier to clean and they tend to look more like furniture with this finish. This is as true in a traditional home as it is in a contemporary home.

Leave your base boards, door casings, crown and remaining trim ..white but add a rich color like Ben Moore 2112-40 Stone to all your doors (inside entry doors and secondary doors to bath and laundry). It is an organic gray brown that will look striking with your wall tone and brown-rust accents.

I don't think I would do any more squares or rectangle shapes in your foyer so for me a picture is out next to the bathroom door !
Look at these options to expand your horizon and add just the perfect texture.

1) Whimsical and fun with a twist of nature!!

2) Everyone likes to catch a last glimpse as they our walking out the door!!

3) A sophisticated industrial way to gather a few personal pictures and your keys at the door when there is not room for a foyer piece. This is what can make a house a home!!

Hope this sends you in an answer filled direction...have a Blue Sky day!



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