proudly introduces Bianca, our lead designer muse (Or creative goddess)! Our Bianca stands tall and graceful as she greets shoppers entering the BSEID virtual showroom. Adorned in the finest of couture upholstery fabrics, her sparkling crystal earrings are borrowed from an antique chandelier and she clutches a Pucci inspired bag made from a vintage scarf. Bianca’s “do it yourself� design attitude recognizes that we all need HELP sooo… here she is at your beckon call! Ask her anything with pictures or not, she will gladly respond with thought provoking design ideas and will plant seeds for your DIY projects. There is NO cost involved, it’s totally FREE!

Dear Bianca,

I just added a new vanity and new floors in my master bathroom. I would appreciate advice on what to hang on the big, empty wall as I am not doing a towel rack there. Also, would like suggestions for what to hang on the wall next to big mirror, over the tub and also around the tub. I am going for a spa look.

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards,


Hi Lisa,

I am so excited that you are taking advantage of Bianca's expertise! She loves to share and has certainly been around "design thirsty" friends who just can't get enough.

When you have a big wall next to a cabinet like in your Master Bath, it is necessary to keep your interest on the wall and not the floor as you do not want to prohibit your walking space. A furniture piece that you CAN put on the floor is a small occasional table nestled to the left of the tub. Consider it being made of a metal or mirror composition...perfect for a candle, cup of tea and your favorite romantic novel.

You could also put a fabulous chunky French basket on the ledge of the tub with rolled towels for your convenience.

Simplicity is what we need on the big wall next to vanity but LARGE! We do not have this artist items on our website yet but it would be an amazing statement piece without the price tag. For more information, please email us a We will get you size and is soooo FAB! and yet very Zen.

In this bathroom of incense and kindled spirits, less is definitely more! I would ONLY place something on the wall behind the tub. Remember well planned empty spaces are as important as filled spaces. Not every wall needs something on it! I think industrial baskets being held by a cerused oak plank is the ideal juxtaposition against our reflective table to create a retreat you will never want to leave. Fill the baskets with stones, aromatic soaps and a piece of loofah.....your bath awaits for you, Madame!



Dear Bianca,

I just re-did my kitchen. I have one empty wall that I would love ideas for what to put there.

Appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you,


Hi again Lisa,

Ok...definitely paint the column....actually the BM Stone 2112-40 color for the doors would be dynamite but a flat finish for the wall. The column is big but believe it or not the paint will shrink the size. It will also make this an architectural detail instead of an structural column holding up your second floor. It will have the same importance as this stone column has in this kitchen.

It becomes the perfect area on the Kitchen side to be organized and the color will just blend with the chalk board....

but on the Dining Room side of the column, a chance for drama ...with a field of red poppies! Large and small...stagger them up the wall..always an odd number 3 or 5 will be perfect. Your guests will love them but maybe not as much as you!

We love your questions Lisa...keep 'em coming and thank you for your patience on our response as we explored the fabulous furniture market!

Have a Blue Sky Day!



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