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Grace Bedding Collection by Taylor Linens (color options)

Taylor Linens
Product Code: GRACE


Delicate hand-stitching brings a delightful texture to this soft-as-a-cloud quilt and shams. Dress it up or dress it down, mix it with florals, stripes or neutrals... this collection is rich with possibilities! Choose from crisp egg white or creamy Ivory and best of all the pieces are machine washable! (TL)
Product CodeNameOur PriceQty
Product Code:100CGRACE-KGrace Cream Quilt KingOur Price:$390.00
Product Code:100WGRACE-KGrace White Quilt KingOur Price:$390.00
Product Code:1031CGRACE-ESGrace Cream Euro ShamOur Price:$56.00
Product Code:1031WGRACE-ESGrace White Euro ShamOur Price:$56.00
Product Code:103CGRACE-SSGrace Cream Standard ShamOur Price:$52.00
Product Code:103WGRACE-SSGrace White Standard ShamOur Price:$52.00
Product Code:110CGRACE-QGrace Cream Quilt QueenOur Price:$390.00
Product Code:110WGRACE-QGrace White Quilt QueenOur Price:$390.00
Product Code:115CGRACE-FGrace Cream Quilt FullOur Price:$330.00
Product Code:115WGRACE-FGrace White Quilt FullOur Price:$330.00
Product Code:120CGRACE-TGrace Cream Quilt TwinOur Price:$280.00
Product Code:120WGRACE-TGrace White Quilt TwinOur Price:$280.00