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Inspired by nature and a relaxed, livable aesthetic, farmhouse refined is filled with woods, metals, and textiles
that bring a casual yet refined feel to any space.

Farmhouse Refined – Luxurious + Modern Rustic Decor

Rough-hewn wood juxtaposed with smooth metal, glass-paneled doors on rustic cabinets, knotty pine frames surrounding art with a floral motif — disparate pieces, they define refined rustic decor with a decidedly upscale aesthetic. Beautifully made, they hearken back to a time when furniture was handcrafted and lovingly passed down generation after generation. This modern farmhouse furniture still captivates those designing homes for today.

Designed with a keen eye for quality, these pieces intermingle distressed finishes with contemporary sensibilities. The result is furnishings with a casual vibe and exquisite details. Of course, this is precisely what luxury rustic home decor should be.