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Shelf Art - B.I.T.C.H. (size + frame options)

Sweet Gumball
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Product Code: SA-SSG165
Made to order with care. Estimated production time 1-2 weeks.


Mixed with other items on a display shelf, on a window sill or desk, shelf art offers a lovely layer as well as interest. Be it an inspirational message or sweet image, it adds a decorative touch or makes a thoughtful gift. With a serene presentation, Sweet Gumball offers art with a gentle presence. The giclee print on canvas is framed in weathered wood. The result is a high quality piece of art you will be proud to incorporate into your space. (SG)

size options
giclee print on premium canvas adhered to a solid back
frame made from weathered wood
each piece is custom made to order
USA Artisan + Maker