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Himalayan Trading Post

Himalayan Trading Post was founded in 2004, as a home-based business. It is named for the high mountains that stretch across central Asia into the Tibetan Plateau that embody natural beauty, wonder, and spiritual purity. They began by partnering with small-scale global manufacturers and combining their unique fragrance combinations and wax to create candles in wooden containers from India. Originally sold at local craft fairs and antique shows, they established their brand as a high-quality niche provider of handmade luxury candles. Each candle is still handmade in small batches and hand-poured into unique and distinctive containers using artisan techniques to craft a product made with a natural soy wax blend from the United States. Each scent combines essential oils and fragrance compounds to ensure the best possible experience, and each vessel is built to be beautiful, functional, and refillable or reusable, providing a long-lasting value with each product.

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